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National Time changes

I like the cocept and how easy they are to observe. I do business with all areas of the US and working in Arizona, where we don’t change time it some times get confusing when several converstaitons are going on at one time. I do need to find out how to delete a clock because I made a mistake and downloaded a Nassau Clock. This is a very good app.DL

Setup is not intuitivebut once setup works well.

Pros Lets you name the clocks Drops from the bar Can be system so no open app on Doc Bar Some visual styles to choose from. Cons Interface can be confusing when trying to name the clocks but stick with it. Map view for loacting time zones is cumbersome to move around in. Names of places appear in clock name in a way that overwrites my typing and had to renenter a clock several times. No way to modify a clock name, have to delte it and start over.

Exactly what I was looking for!

I have frequent overseas business trips and time can be very confusing when you are working day/night. I can always find out what time it is where you are or back home but I needed something that stay more visible and easily accessible. Clock stay visible or via simple hidden corner. When I write an email, schedule a call or reply email with time in mind, this keeps me straight on what the time means to me or the other party so that I don’t accidentlly put something too early/late. And also keeps things clear so that I don’t miss anything due to confusion. Only one ask is if you can also provide a resizable digital version so that it is even more visible among all my open windows!

Simple & effective

No hassle little app allows any number of stylish clocks to be created on the desktop for different time zones.

Nice app

Really like it, is very hepful if you need to have a view of different times zones on your desktop.

Excellent app!

Make clocks for cities around the world you want to keep in touch with. Works very well. Be nice to have bolder , more readable type on basic fully numbered analog clock. Otherwise perfect.

Hit the spot for what I needed.

I was looking at a desktop analog clock that I could glance over as I do my work, and this app does just that. I did try another desktop clock app, but chose this one because of the quality of the clock graphics, among other things. Also, I am a teacher, and I often use Keynote on an external display, and I like that this clock stays on top on the Keynote presenter view in the main display. Finally, I gave a 5-star rating because of the excellent customer support experience I have received; I had a minor technical issue, and customer support was quick and thorough in assisting me with it. I will continue to enjoy my clock, and will definitely recommend it to others.

Does what it says

I like that it’s analog, that you can have mutliple clocks, that you can keep it in front or not, that it has a second hand and the date, that it’s not teeny. Compensates for the fact that calendars don’t allow you to block out a week (say) in a different time zone. It’s nice looking but not beautiful, that’s why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5.

Simple, clear, useful

Working across multiple time zones and living in another time zone to family, this app enables me to quickly and easily see the times where I need to know them. A preferrer of the analog clock face, this app suits me well. My only request would be to fast forward the clocks to see what the time would be at a any given time in my time zone. Good job, well executed.

On the dot!

The category “world clocks” in AppStore is full of duds. This program is flawless. If you need to know the time at different parts of the globe — this is the app ! It does what it says and it does very well. The creator(s) clearly thought through the productivity aspects: the clocks can be floating, can be tucked somewhere and easily made visible (multiple methods to suit personal preferences). Settings are intuitive, elegant.

Works Well

This works as advertised, i work overseas and this AP gives me the ablitiy to know exactly what time it is when trying to call customers and communicate with other offices in different time zones at a glance. Very Good!!

Dependable Asset

After searching many applications to help me in my need for a desk top time keeping applications, I found JAC to be exactly what I needed to facilitate my business with time keeping.

Fantastic world clock

This JAC is a great apt. The developers seem to have kept the customers need in mind. I would highly recommend this apt to any one that travels overseas or for a business to keep up with world times for appointments and scheduling purposes, it is very useful.

JAC: Nice to have

I like the fact that I can set up multiple clocks for multiple time zones. I only wish there were a way to have it stay open on my desktop between reboots. If I could have JAC re-open automatically when I start my computer this would be 5 stars.

Stays in place when switching monitors, but no option to make unclickable.

Pros: • Clock stays in place when switching between laptop monitor and external monitor. • Option for translucency (transparency). • Option for clock not to take space in command-tab app-switcher, nor in dock. • Option to have clock appear above all other applications’ windows. Cons: • No option to make clock unclickable. • Too many skeuomorphic decorations. I just want a white circle with thin, black hands, and minuscule black tick marks. No border, no other unnecessary graphics. • Too many colors. • Not resizeable enough. I wish I could make it smaller than 100x100 pixels (how about 50x50?).

International time at a glance

It’s so helpful when we Skype with friends and family in France and Japan because we can be sure that we’re not calling at inconvenient times.

It works great!

I am using it since I have branch offices around the world and I want to see the time on all those timezone in realtime… Great app! Analog Clocks only, but they have a paid Digital Clock version, which I am buying! Great Job JAC! Would be nice you had more sizing options and clock types….. But Great job nevertheless!


Hey lets ask to be rated every ten minutes…. Annoying Annoying ANNOYING!!

Did not sort clocks on screen

Very kludgy - changes made to preferences did not seem to take effect. Waste of money

What time is it? Oh, yeah...

Great app for me... I have clients allover this planet we call Earth and now I know what time it is in their hood. Yes, you should pick it up.

Works like a charm

Simple and fast to set up, so you can get right back to work. … At least it would be if you're not doing what I did instead of getting right back to work: making a clock to fit the image of each of my 11 'desktops.' With the transparency feature the colored clocks can blend into just about any photo and look good. Back to what the clocks are really for: giving me the flexibility to have multiple time zones, but different ones, on my different desktops. Some desktops have only one, some three, and none of the clocks show 'local' time, which is displayed by the system clock in my menu bar. Lovely!

Needs to fix the dates on the clock faces...

I thought I loved this app until I noticed that the dates are off on the clock faces on the desktop. But when I click on the dock menu for JAC app, the dates are correct as listed on the pop-up menu there...but they are wrong on the clock faces on my desktop. (All times are correct however).

UPDATE - "I'm I the only one with bugs."

After finding the customer service link that wasn't obvious, they responded to my email within 48 hours. They explained the way to correct my problem. It appears to be an excellent product but they greatly need to improve their write-up on it's use. What is easy and obvious to them isn't to everyone. I'd give it a full five stars if they would rewrite their "quick start" description page. "It wond let me delete clocks or give me any other options other than resize and create a new. A great concept I was really hoping it would work but augh! No customer support link that I can find."


I needed to keep track of time in the US and France. I need 2 clocks displayed. Simple enough right? Maybe not. I purchased World Clock Deluxe. It's a great program. Except for that it CONSTANTLY nags you to update its database. So at least once a month it requres downloading a new version and replacing the old version - since it's not on the App store. Then I installed Clocks from the App store. It doesn't have an accurate database for Paris? How weird is that? Don't waste your money on that one. The constant nagging to update the database in World Clock Deluxe is why I went looking for an alternative on the App store. I'm happy to say that JAC does the trick. It's simple. It works. It looks great. And that's really all I want from a clock. Thanks for a great App.

It has the date ... but multiple monitor is a pain

I was looking for a clock WITH THE DATE to use as a time stamp in screen capture . Simple Moving Clock no longer works on Snow Leopard . JAC filled the bill ... for a buck no problem . The one downside is that with multiple monitors if they are stacked on top of / over - under you cant move the clock from the bottom screen to the top screen ... you have to rearrange them to side by side - move the clock and then reset the monitors to over-under . I can live with it for the cost of only $1 - Good deal . I can find no other clock or stand alone floating day , date . At this point you have the market . Thanks Duncan

Nicely programmed

The white clocks are hard to pick up on any light backgrounds. Would be nice if the clocks had more pop.

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